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  Bid Solicitation Directory

Bid Solicitation Directory

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The Bid Solicitation Directory is the State's central repository across all three branches of state government that have an open Request for Information (RFI), Request for Quote (RFQ), Invitation to Bid (ITB), and/or a Request for Proposal (RFP). The goal of this directory is to provide a centralized location to find state RFIs, ITBs and RFPs without requiring knowledge of the specific structure of state government.

Please take a moment to register for any area of business you may wish to receive notification on here: Please see the Step by Step Guide on how to register.

For more information about working with the State on bids, please see the Doing Business with the State Topic Page.


  • Information provided on this website is intended solely to provide general information on matters of interest to the reader of this page, who accepts full responsibility for its use.
  • Due diligence has been followed to ensure the links in this service are accurate and complete; however, this service may omit some forms and/or contain outdated links.
  • The bids and proposals listed may fall under the terms of 29 Del. C. § 6926, Multiple Source Contracting.
  • Any amendments made to the initial postings on this page will appear as a separate item under the initial posting's detail page. It is the viewer’s responsibility to download and read any applicable updates and amendments.
  • Neither the State of Delaware nor any State entities that supply information through this service, nor any of their employees make any warranty or assume any legal liability or responsibility for the timely delivery of information updates through this service.
Please contact us if you discover any outdated links or have suggestions regarding this service.

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11/13/2018 HSS 9314 Title X Family Planning Services 1/22/2019
12/17/2018 HSS 8010 Strategic Plan for DHSS Security 2/20/2019
1/18/2019 TRE 8012 Special Tax Counsel - Request for Professional Services 2/15/2019
11/1/2018 HSS 9314 Senior Community Service Employment Program 3/4/2019
1/8/2019 DOE 8613 Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS) Revision Consultation 2/12/2019
1/14/2018 DTCC 8110 Professional Engineering Services at DTCC Stanton Campus 2/6/2019
12/17/2018 DTCC 8110 Professional A/E Services for Student Success Center at DTCC Stanton Campus 1/25/2019
12/10/2018 GSS 7210 Preventative Maintenance, Elevators and Escalators 1/28/2019
1/17/2019 NCC 8613 Pilot Alternative Program for Severely Disruptive/Expelled Students NC County 2/5/2019
12/27/2018 GSS 6013 Musical Instruments and Related Equipment 1/22/2019
12/18/2018 DOE 8613 Multi-Agency Assessment Cooperative (MAAC) - Assesment Test Administration 3/15/2019
12/19/2018 HSS 4111 Molecular Testing Instrumentation, Nucleic Acid Extraction 1/31/2019
1/2/2019 NAT 7214 Massey’s Ditch Channel Maintenance Dredging Project 1/30/2019
1/15/2019 DOE 8613 Maintenance and Reporting – School Facilities Floor Plans 2/28/2019
1/2/2019 DOT 8210 Logo Sign Program 1/31/2019
1/11/2019 DOT 3012 Liquid Asphalt Emulsion 2/19/2019
12/1/2018 HSS 9413 Legal Services for the Elderly 3/20/2019
1/7/2019 GSS 5310 Law Enforcement Uniforms 1/25/2019
1/4/2019 HSS 8510 Health Benefits Manager 2/22/2019
1/3/2019 DTI 8110 Geographic Information System 2/7/2019
1/3/2019 DTI 4323 Geographic Information System 2/7/2019
11/13/2018 HSS 9314 Family Visitation Center Operations 4/2/2019
12/12/2018 HSS 8513 Family Health Epidemiology, Research and Evaluation Services 2/19/2019
12/20/2018 SUS 8010 Facilities and Related Systems Condition Evaluation and Feasibility Study/Report 1/30/2019
1/2/2019 DTCC 8413 DTCC Flexible Benefits Plan 1/23/2019
1/3/2019 DSU 2519 DSU Aviation - Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) Flight Instruction 1/25/2019
1/10/2019 NAT 1111 Delaware Bay Beaches Truckfill Project 1/24/2019
1/3/2019 DTI 8111 Data Center Colocation Services 2/7/2019
1/14/2019 DTCC 8010 Construction Management Services at DTCC George Campus 2/6/2019
10/1/2018 HSS 9314 Community Living Service 2/4/2019
1/14/2019 CSD 2510 Commercial Cutaway Van w/ Attached 16 Foot Box Body 1/29/2019
12/21/2018 NAT 4918 Clay Targets 1/22/2019
1/3/2019 SRS 7215 Caesar Rodney School District – Stokes Elementary School Roof Replacement 1/31/2019
1/2/2019 SRS 7212 Caesar Rodney School District – Charlton School Secured Entry Renovations 1/29/2019
1/2/2019 SRS 7212 Caesar Rodney School District – Charlton School HVAC Renovations 1/29/2019
12/21/2018 CYF 8512 Behavioral Health Treatment and Supportive Services 6/30/2019
1/16/2019 GSS 9212 Armored Car Services 2/6/2019
12/12/2018 HSS 9314 Americorps Request for Competitive Applications: 2019-2020 1/28/2019
1/17/2019 NCC 8613 Alternative Program for Severely Disruptive/Expelled Students NC County Discip 2/5/2019
1/4/2019 SRS 8010 Alternative Program for Severely Disruptive/Expelled Students 2/22/2019
12/21/2018 NAT 8013 Agricultural Land Lease - Midlands 1/22/2019
1/2/2019 HSS 9111 Adult Day Service 4/4/2019

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